Family Gallery

Baby Colin

Jim and Carol with their new baby Colin

Ray and Ruth

Carol and Colin visit with Jim's father Raymond and step-mother Ruth.

Four generations

Carol and Colin with Jim, Jim's mother and Jim's grandmother.

Colin's 1st Birthday

Carol, Ruth and Colin

Carol with her son and Jim's stepmother

Young family

Carol, James and Colin

James and his second son

James holds his newborn son Clay

Arlington Heights

James holds his baby daughter Leigh(later Harker) in the pool with his sons.

Christmas time

Carol with her three young children

Carol and Harker

Carol and her daughter

In Chicago

Jim's mother Flo with Colin, James, Harker and Carol

On vacation

Summer vacation in the 70s

Wisconsin Vacation

Clay, Leigh and Carol

Clay graduates from Northwestern


Taking the tube

Carol, Harker and Clay in London

At Harker's Wedding

Clay, James, Harker, Tim, Carol, Colin & Bob

Proud Parents

Jim and Carol with Harker at her wedding.

50 year anniversary

Josh, Ethan, Tim, Harker, Colin, Clay, Lei, seated: Carol and Jim

At Clay and Lei's Wedding

Ethan, Harker, James, Lei, Clay, Carol & Colin

A mother and son

Colin and Carol

Colin dances with Carol