James Gallery

James as a boy

A picture of James as a boy

James with his mom and dad

A rare photo of James with his mother and father together.

That's not Mom!

James Moore holding hands.

James as a teenager

A picture of James Moore as a teenager.

Young man

A portrait of dad as a young man.

So serious

Out West

James on vacation in the 70s

James in Lake Forest

Professor Moore

James Moore at a Northwestern faculty party.

James in Tucson

James by his pool

James in Tucson

James in his new pool

James in Tucson

James with his puppy Teddy

A comparison of noses

James in Alaska

James in Prague

On a trip with his son Clay

Back in the USSR

James on trip to Eastern Europe.

James at his daughter's wedding

James toasts Tim and Harker at their wedding.

James at Clay's wedding

Nice shoes!