Together Gallery

Jim and Carol date

Jim and Carol enjoy boating one of the many inland Michigan lakes.

A day at the Lake

On the dock

James marries Carol

James Moore and Carol Barney wed in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

James marries Carol

James marries Carol

James marries Carol

Henry & Hilda Barney, Carol, James, Flora Clark

James marries Carol

James, Carol, Raymond Moore

James marries Carol

James marries Carol

Christmas newlyweds

Jim and Carol's first Christmas as a married couple


Jim and Carol passport for European honeymoon.

Trip out west

Jim and Carol on one of the many family vacations.

Jim and Carol at Wolverine Lake

Jim and Carol on a trip in Michigan

In Tucson

Jim and Carol enjoy the dogs Teddy and Rascal in Tucson.

Abe Lincoln

Jim, Carol and Teddy visit a statue near Colin's apartment

San Juan island ferry

Jim and Carol explore the San Juan islands.

A quick nap

Carol visits Jim in rehab after knee surgery on her 80th birthday! Tucson, AZ

Rehearsal dinner

James and Carol at their son's rehearsal dinner in Kirkland, WA.

Jim and Carol

Jim and Carol at their sons wedding.