For My Wife

Today I met a friend of ours for cocktails and business at five.

We talked about a lot of things,

our kids and wives, the weather and how I’ve

been less than my creative self

with too much work left on the shelf

waiting for my heart to find a song that really sings.


I want to write a song that says in a sentimental way

how much you’ve meant in all my life today and yesterday.

We’ve been around each other for what seems endless years

and couldn’t tell the times we’ve kissed, made love, or soothed our fears.


We’ve also had a time or two when I know things weren’t so good,

when words that passed between us were hardly understood.

But always in the mornings a gentle touch and smile

meant everything was fine again and love was back in style.


But I haven’t found a tune

that says how much I care.

The notes I want to write it

keep floating in the air.


So, I look into your eyes

and gently brush your cheek;

your fingers reach and touch my hand,

I grow a little weak.


So, I’ll keep trying night and day with seconds, fourths and thirds

to put the notes together with all the proper words.

I may never find a melody elegant enough for you.

But if you know I love you, maybe that will do.


Happy Birthday, 1999